Meet the Boutique Family

Tracy Grier


Background: Business - Is a Certified Wedding Coordinator and a Certified Wedding and Event Planner with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada
Family: Married to husband Jamie since 1995, two children, Josh and Andrea
Your Passion: I love design, beautiful things and details become my obsession. I love to take a project, give it my heart and soul and watch it come to life.
Describe Yourself: I love to laugh, have fun and sometimes I still believe I am 20. Working hard at what I do brings me enjoyment and purpose but taking time to relax and soak up the suns rays feels amazing also.
Your Playlist Consists Of: Everything; country, pop, rock and gospel.
Which Disney Princess Best Describe You: Belle from Beauty and the Beast - Always looking for the good and beauty in everything.
Boutique Specialty: I enjoy finding solutions to any situation. A short timeframe or a change of wedding date, I will always do my best to help.
Bridal Dress of Choice: A fan of many, but greatly appreciate a dress with intricate details. Like delicate beading, pearl buttons or even a romantic lace.
Favourite Season: Summer, I love the warmth of sunshine, flowers and long days.
Movie of Choice: Romantic Comedy
What You Do to Unwind: Quilt, DIY, Netflix, visit with loved ones and hug my pets

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Andrea Grier

Behind the Scenes

Background: Also works as a full time Registered Childhood Educator.

Family: The amazing daughter of the owner, a fantastic sister to Josh and dog mom to Bartels.
Your Passion: Helping children be the best they can be. A child’s smile keeps my heart young and joyful. I also love horses and riding it is relaxing and fun.
Describe Yourself: Friendly and fun I like to joke around and laugh. Work brings me enjoyment I like to keep busy and be on the go.
Your Playlist Consists Of: Lots of variety, but mostly Country and Rap.
Which Disney Princess Best Describe You: Cinderella, because all I do is work.
Boutique Specialty: Marketing and Social Media. When I do get the chance to be in the boutique, I pay great attention to what the bride is looking for and find a dress she loves.
Bridal Dress of Choice: Love them all, but if I had to chose, A Line.
Favourite Season: Summer
Movie of Choice: Comedy
What You Do to Unwind: Horseback riding, camping, fishing, baking, working out, spending time with loved ones and my dog Bart

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Anjelica Vankoughnett

WPICC, Bridal Consultant

Background: Certified Wedding Coordinator with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.

Family: Married to high school sweetheart Travis, and expecting a little girl November, 2021.
Your Passion: Bringing positivity and compassion to each and every bride's journey. Listening to what each bride is looking for, and taking the time to get to know them to create a personable and memorable experience.
Describe Yourself: I love spending time with my friends and family and relaxing at the cottage with my fur babies. I enjoy being outdoors and I am a foodie.
Your Playlist Consists Of: A little bit of everything; anything that makes my soul dance.
Which Disney Princess Best Describe You: Elsa from Frozen. Her strength is admirable.
Boutique Specialty: Creating a welcoming and positive environment, and hearing each bride's story and their wedding plans gives me insight to find them their perfect wedding dress.
Bridal Dress of Choice: A-Line with sweetheart neckline and buttons down the train.
Favourite Season: Fall, I love anything pumpkin, apple picking and Thanksgiving.
Movie of Choice: Comedy
What You Do to Unwind: Cuddle with my pets, face mask and a warm bath, watch the show Friends.

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Emily Buchanan

Reception/Bridal Consultant

Background: I have always worked in retail. I am also a full-time student in Business Administration.

Family: I have two crazy golden retrievers, Beau and Bella.

Your Passion: I love to travel, always planning my next adventure.

Describe yourself: Fun, organized, welcoming. I always try to have a ‘glass half-full’ kind of outlook on life.

Your Playlist Consists Of: A little bit of everything!

Which Disney Princess Best Describes Yourself: Rapunzel, always optimistic even in hard times! (That’s what the quiz I just took tells me at least)

Boutique Specialty: Helping moms find the perfect dress to match their style and personality.

Bridal Dress of Choice: I’m stuck between two… I love a sheath style dress with 3-D floral appliqués’ and a little bit of bling! .. but who doesn't love a simple, elegant mikado ballgown!

Favourite Season: Fall is my favourite. I live for cozy sweater!

Movie of Choice: Anything that gets me laughing.

What Do You Do to Unwind: Read a book, workout or walk the dogs.