Our Services

Our Services

Sep 14, 2021

At Limestone and Lace, we know how your wedding dress journey doesn’t end after you find your perfect dress. Once you’ve found the one, you’ll want it to fit perfectly and last forever, which is why we partner with alterations and preservation services to ensure you receive everything you need—not just your wedding day. 


With how much time you put into finding your perfect wedding dress, it only makes sense that you want it to fit exactly as it should on your wedding day. It’s one of the most important dresses you’ll ever wear, so having a perfect fit matters! This is why we partner with local expert seamstresses to ensure you have a perfectly fitted wedding dress with the type of high-end quality you want in your bridal gown. Whether you need a simple hem or to customize your neckline and sleeves, our alterations partners can accomplish exactly what you need. 


After your wedding, your wedding dress journey still isn’t over. You’ll want to clean and preserve your wedding dress, whether for your own sentimental purposes, or for your children or grandchildren to potentially reuse in the future. We work with one of the best cleaning and preservation services in Canada to ensure that your wedding dress is cleaned and stored properly, able for you to pull out again later when you decide to give your dress new life! Your dress will be perfectly preserved in a box for any future use, whether you end up repurposing the lace or a loved one wears your dress again. 

At Limestone and Lace, we’re dedicated to giving you full service for all your bridal gown needs. You’ll have full attention and service from the moment you make an appointment until the moment your dress is returned to you after the wedding, cleaned and preserved. Book an appointment at Limestone and Lace today!