Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Effortless and unique, mix and match bridesmaid dresses are becoming a common trend in the bridal industry for women who want a non-traditional look at their wedding. It gives an effortless, cool look to your wedding, and the mismatched look ensures your bridesmaids are all happy with what they’re wearing. If you’re looking for a way to do this look at your wedding, here are a few approaches:

Same Style, Different Colors

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An easy way to ensure your mismatched bridesmaid dresses all go together is by selecting one style, and allowing your bridesmaids to choose from among a few colors. This way, each bridesmaid is in a color she feels confident in, and your mismatched bridesmaid styles go together effortlessly. 

Different Styles, Same Color

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21727 by Morilee



Another easy way to find the right mismatched look? Choose a designer, a color, and a length, and let your bridesmaids choose the style they like best. Everyone will be wearing a neckline and silhouette they feel beautiful and confident in, while looking completely cohesive in the same color. 

Different Styles, Different Colors

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The hardest mismatched look to pull off, mixing your styles and colors gives the most unique, effortless look, but requires a lot of attention to be sure it looks good. You’ll want to let your bridesmaids choose your dresses, but then approve their selection—you want to be sure the dresses look good together. We recommend trying to go with an ombre, monotone look. 

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